Founder - Pura Alma
Metalsmith brand and jewelery| Every piece that we create is unique. We make them one by one, day by day✨✨✨
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Carolina Gutierrez was born in Bogota, Colombia. In 1996 she took her first steps toward the development of Pura Alma by studying jewelry making and then completed a degree in metalsmith. This is where she discovered her extraordinary passion with metals.

She began to develop an idea of Pura Alma in
1996 when she studied jewelry

After suddenly moving to the United States in 2000, leaving behind her livelihood, she adapted to a new culture, new language, but never forgot her roots and her beloved art. Her biggest motivation has always been to support her country and its metalsmith artisans who are suffering due to the ever-growing consumption of low-quality and mass-produced products, making these ancestral trades disappear. 

Pura Alma has the honor of working with jewelry and metalsmith masters from the Choco region of the pacific coast of Colombia. These great masters use traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations.