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Metalsmith brand and jewelery| Every piece that we create is unique. We make them one by one, day by day✨✨✨
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Tiny Heart For
Tiny Hearts Project

Wear Me Proudly, You are Helping
Tiny Hearts

My Story

The Journey of my 1000 Tiny Hearts

My name is Carolina Gutierrez, I’m the Founder of Pura Alma and this is my journey of my 1000 hearts.
I always wanted to transform my own difficult experience into a wonderful project.
In 2007 I lost my twins Jacob and Troy at birth due to heart complications. I wanted to do something special to honor them and also to heal, this is why I decided to create Tiny Heart for Tiny Hearts project.
I have created 1000 Tiny Heart necklaces; I was inspired by the story in Japan, Sadako and the Thousand paper cranes! The crane is a symbol of hope, healing and good fortune.
The proceeds will be donated to kids in need.
This is my journey to heal and to help every way I can.
Together we can do small little things to change the world!
Thank you for being part of my journey.
Con Amor,

In Memory of Jacob & Troy
The Tiny Heart
is a Symbol of
Love & Hope
Pure Heart