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Metalsmith brand and jewelery| Every piece that we create is unique. We make them one by one, day by day✨✨✨
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Tiny Heart For
Tiny Hearts

Wear Me Proudly, You are Helping
Save Tiny Hearts

Working with Metals

Our Product

Our unique pieces are handmade using specialized sawing and stamping techniques. Great care is used while preparing high-quality materials, assembling the products, and applying the finishing touches.

We offer different finishes including hammered, mate, and gloss. We respect the natural beauty that copper, bronze, and silver offer. One of the special characteristics of Pura Alma is that we work with 950 silver, a very high purity, because it slows the natural aging process, making the metal more durable and resistant.

New Collection

The new collection is called Corazón (Heart), and it combines noble metals like copper, bronze, and silver 950. All messages stamped on Pura Alma’s pieces are in our native tongue, Spanish, which is a romantic language and gives an extra touch.

Pura Alma’s
leaf Meaning

Pura Alma guarantees the origin
of its materials