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Metalsmith brand and jewelery| Every piece that we create is unique. We make them one by one, day by day✨✨✨
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950 Sterling Silver & 18 Karat Gold
We alloy all our metals in shop.
We put our entire soul in each piece
Espartillo Hombre
950 Silver Espartillo Man Bracelet with
bar charm and small third Eye
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Inner eye/Ojo interior/Spiritual/Espiritualidad

The third eye

950 Silver third eye charms & pendants

Breathe A Little Bit

Supporting a Great Cause✨✨✨.”

Pura Alma
  • Single mothers, heads of their households
  • Entrepreneur Artisans
  • A% of our sales is donated to high risk pregnant mothers associations. It ́s important for us to give back to the community.

Aqua Verano Collection
Gold for Goddesses

14/20 Gold Filled
“In these new times, we need to reconnect with the best vibes, reset ourselves and start a new journey”
Pura alma tetimonial